Before the first light of day hits the golden hills on our farms in Umbria, hunters set out in search of the elusive Truffle. Harvested between the months of October and March, the Black Winter Truffle, dense in nutrients and rich in antioxidants, undergoes an extensive extraction process that takes over 1000 hours, passion and a touch of magic, to extract one of the most hydrating & nourishing oils:
The Truffle Oil Extract.


It all starts at sunrise 

Every morning by dawn, our truffle hunters and their best friends (their dogs) start the magical process to unearth of the most precious and sought after ingredients: the Black Winter Truffle.  

You need plenty of time, and plenty of knowledge

Timing is everything. This statement isn't any more true when it comes to truffles. Truffles aren't grown, in fact they grow on their own, and it is up to the hunter expertise (and their dog) to spot the right tree under which a truffle might grow. Truffles grow 12 inches below the ground and can only be smelled by our Truffle dogs.  

Over 1000 Hours extraction 

Did you know that the Truffle extraction process takes over 1000 hours? A complicated process starts the minute the truffle is taken out of the ground. Each truffle is shaved and its leaves placed on an extraction tray. Each micro leaf is manually flipped every day.